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NIS America Confirms Three More Titles For JRPG Lovers

NIS America continues to faithfully serve the JRPG followers.

The publisher has announced three new games for North America and Europe, and all three should appeal to the aforementioned niche crowd.

It starts with The Firefly Diary , which will land on the PlayStation Vita this fall. Then comes the Guided Fate Paradox sequel that launches in Japan later this month (it'll release in the US and Europe in 2015), and another Vita RPG called Criminal Girls: Invite Only .

The Firefly Diary will take advantage of the Vita's touch capabilities. You will control a pair of fairies with the goal of guiding a young girl through dangerous ruins. One of the fairies is based in the light world while the other is in the shadow world, and you switch between them to solve puzzles. The light fairy is controlled by the front touchscreen and the shadow fairy is controlled by the rear touchscreen…not sure how intuitive that'll be, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The Guided Fate Paradox sequel, strangely entitled The Awakened Force Ultimatum , will be on PS3 and Criminal Girls: Invite only is a revamped Vita version of the 2010 PSP RPG, simply called Criminal Girls . The latter game is about seven delinquents damned to hell, and you have to lead them to redemption…and yeah, there's some NSFW stuff included. Well, what did you expect?