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Sony Enables Borderlands 2 PS3/Vita Cross-Save Feature

If you picked up the Borderlands 2 Vita Slim bundle, you may have been disappointed to learn that the cross-save function wasn't working.

Thankfully, Sony has delivered an update enabling the cross-save feature, so PS3 players can transfer their save file to the Vita (and vice versa).

Many fans weren't happy that the feature wasn't working immediately, and they let Gearbox know about it. The good news is they didn't have to wait very long…the bad news is that if the reviews are to be believed, this portable iteration of Borderlands 2 didn't turn out very well. Basically, critics are saying it's great for a handheld production but it still can't measure up to the console versions, which is disappointing.

Still, cross-save is always a bonus.

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10 years ago

Hi guys! Just some additional info/clarification:
-The update is on the PS3 side, allowing the PS3 to upload one character to the cloud cross-save at a time.
-You keep your level, but not all gear carries over. My OP8 Siren (shows up 72 on Vita) kept OP8 weapons but lost OP8 relics. Not sure what exactly carries over. Careful not to lose gear in vault as well.
-Vita characters keep Bad Ass Rank points, but you need to allocate them again. Seems to only happen if you created toon on vita independent of PS3.
-Golden Keys seem to be separate on each platform. Starts from scratch on Vita.

Yeah framerate is pretty iffy at times, but it is Borderlands on the go 🙂 At the least, you can farm BAR points and legendaries during work breaks lol.

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