Soul Sacrifice was a unique, entertaining adventure for PlayStation Vita owners.

Recently, we've been hearing rumors that the revamped version, Soul Sacrifice Delta , will eventually see a release in Western territories.

According to Gaming Everything , the title in question has been rated by the OFLC (Australian classification), which follows hot on the heels of a European retail listing at online Spanish store XtraLife. The game hasn't been officially confirmed for any territories outside Japan just yet, but it certainly seems feasible now.

Based on this information , Soul Sacrifice Delta seems to be the definitive version of the game, which is always appealing.

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7 years ago

I played the original a little cuz it was dirt cheapo, but it seemed like something for somebody who had a lot of time to kill on the go. That person wasn't me.

Banky A
Banky A
7 years ago

It is a hard game, so it's okay.

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