PlayStation might be late to the changing username feature, but something they have a step up on is their growing library of third-party indie games. Most of the time, these indie games were once on the PC alone but developers felt the urge to try their hand at porting to a console. The Forest is an example of such a game.

The process of porting a game can be gruesome and sometimes lead to iffy gameplay or game-breaking glitches. Any glitch like that can take away what people think about the game. The Forest, however, doesn’t seem to have to worry about that.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Endnight Games’ Anna Terekhova, admitted that the PS4 (even it’s pro version) wasn’t too much of an undertaking.

There’s always challenges in bringing a game from one platform to another, in this case from PC [. . .] However the Pro has made this process a lot easier than it otherwise would have been. The bulk of our optimization work has been geared towards making sure the original PS4 offers the same experience as the higher powered console, or a high spec PC.

She had also made note that Endnight and Sony formed a close relationship following the first The Forest trailer. This made it even easier for them to make the choice of what console to port to. Endnight is not a big studio, so they couldn’t possibly maintain more than one console release at a time.

The Forest will be locked at 30fps for both the regular and Pro versions, visual improvements will be noticeable in the PS4 Pro variant. The Xbox version has no release as of yet, but they would love to bring it to the Xbox One some day.

The Forest will release on the PS4 on November 6.

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