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Teardown Dev Shares Average FPS

Developer Tuxedo Labs has revealed what frame rate console players can expect from its destructive heist simulator, Teardown, which hits current-gen consoles this year. The game will also come to PlayStation Plus as a day-one release.

In an interview with GamingBolt, CEO Marcus Dawson discussed things like changing up the UI to be more console-friendly, how it utilized DualSense features as much as it could, and the main question on peoples’ minds — frame rate. Console players will be glad to hear that the first-person romp will have very high frame rates. 

It will come packaged with Performance Mode and Quality Mode, which, as expected, affects the game. Performance Mode will see 1080p resolution with an excellent average 120fps. Meanwhile, Quality Mode dips the frame rate to 60fps, but gives us 1620p. Oh, and of course, Xbox Series S owners got the short end of the stick.

We can start demolishing structures when the game launches on November 15.

What do you think? Does this get you excited to rip and tear buildings apart? Which mode are you choosing? Let us know below!

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