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Star Wars Outlaws Trailer Faces Immense Backlash

Ubisoft takes flight into Star Wars gaming by releasing their story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws and was met with negative fan reception over the game’s release options.

Released earlier this week, the story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws sets the game during the events of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back as newcomers Kay Vess and Nix navigate the galaxy, encountering hosts of criminals and crime syndicates. However, Outlaws has been receiving more responses over online requirements and launch day prices rather than more focus over the story itself.

As pointed out by IGN, the cover art for Outlaws highlights that an internet connection will be required in order to install the game, which also applies to physical copies. While the recent Ubisoft title Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is just one example of past games requiring online installs, it’s also mentioned that the install size for Outlaws has not yet been revealed at the moment.

Ubisoft has also been called out over Outlaw’s costly editions (via PC Gamer). Outside of the base game’s $69.99 price tag, the Gold Edition costs $109.99 and the Ultimate Edition being marked at $129.99 with their respective included content. If you live in certain countries like this Reddit user, prices may be much higher in other currencies compared to the American Dollar. Both of the latter editions will include three-day Early Access through Ubisoft+.

Voice actor and YouTuber Yongyea goes into more details over the story trailer and fan reactions including the tight like-dislike stats as well as future implications for online required installs. Even relatively recent news of the publishing giant desiring gamers to grow more accustomed with lack of game ownership further affects fan reception for the story trailer.

Outlaws is a single player open world title developed by Massive Entertainment set for August 30 and will be available for current-gen consoles and PC via Ubisoft Connect.

What do you think? Are you still looking forward to Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars title? Let us know below!

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