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Spyro The Dragon Tweet Reignites Sequel Hope

Toys For Bob has reignited fans hopes for a Spyro the Dragon sequel, which hasn’t seen a proper new outing since 2008’s Dawn of the Dragon. Sure, he’s had other appearances, like in Crash Team Rumble.

On Twitter, the official Spyro account posted a simple message captioned “2024 motto.” Attached was an image with the words “You gotta believe” next to a smiling Spyro. In and of itself, it’s a harmless enough post,  but it seems like a weird post to make, even as you know just how desperate fans are for another entry.

Frankly, it’s likely that if Toys For Bob were to make another entry, it would probably end up as an Xbox exclusive, as in the end, Activision is the series’ publisher. But, we can hope that it’ll be among the limited games Microsoft has made multi-platform.

What do you think? Do you want a sequel for our scaly bud here? Let us know below!

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