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Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 Coming Out Sometime Next Year

The first Spelunky is a great little rogue game that was a blast to play with its random level design and addictive gameplay. Developer Mossmouth looks to expand on the formula and create a sequel that takes the game to a whole new level with Spelunky 2.

Earlier today Spelunky creator, Derek Yu, took to the Playstation Blog with an interview and also revealed a new gameplay video. Spelunky 2 adds some new elements to the game while keeping the base of the original game. Mounts, upgraded liquid effects, added layers to the levels, and a new look update the game in interesting ways but still keep the core experience. Which is on purpose. Check out the rest of the interview here and watch the trailer below.

If you happen to be at PAX West this weekend you can play the game. An exact release date is unknown at this time but it’s set for sometime in 2019.

Are you picking up Spelunky 2 when it comes out? Did you play the first one? What do you think of the updates?

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