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Knights of the Old Republic

Sony’s Lost Interest In PS5 Exclusive KOTOR Remake

Seems like Sony has lost interest in the PS5 exclusive Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake after such a troubled development cycle. It’s not dead yet, though.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb took to Twitter, noting that Sony wants nothing to do with the game, but it seems Saber Interactive is still very much optimistic that the remake will come. Unfortunately, it’s hard to really tell, as the developer did split from its parent company, Embracer Group, leaving behind “a previously announced AAA game based on a major license.”

The lack of interest on the Japanese console maker’s part is particularly bad, as it was the publisher of the KOTOR. It’s possible that a new publisher may be in order… or this is the end of the troubled development of the remake.

Not long ago, Saber gave confirmation that the game was still alive, so there’s still some level of hope.

What do you think? Do you think KOTOR’s actually still kicking? Let us know below!

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