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Sony Removes Uncharted 4, Lost Legacy Standalones

Sony has removed your ability to purchase Uncharted 4 (read our review) and Lost Legacy (read our review) individually from digital stores. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as they are getting ready to release the Legacy of Thieves Collection, which both bundles the two together and remasters them.

You do have the ability to upgrade to a PS5 version for $10 if you own either individual title already. The Legacy of Thieves Collection improves the graphics and utilizes the features you can only find on the PS5. If you’re a PS5 owner, though, you can still play the original Uncharted 4 through the PlayStation Plus Collection.

If you want to get the games itself, you’ll need to shell out $39.99 for the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Digital Bundle. It’s also worth noting that multiplayer isn’t part of the remastered bundle.

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