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Sony Exec Outlines Advantage Of PS5 Over PC

The debate between console and PC gaming continues on, with Sony exec Hideaki Nishino giving his two cents with admittedly one of the most used — albeit understandable — points. Console gaming has always made waves as the more “convenient” way to game

During an interview with Nikkei, Nishino explained that the advantage of a dedicated gaming console, like the PS5, is that building a PC takes time, effort, and money. Whereas with a console, provided you have a TV, you can enjoy games straight after setup, with no need to buy extra cables or anything like that, as the console typically comes with all you really need, albeit perhaps an extension might be nice for some setups.

In this same interview, he also touched on Sony’s push to multimedia content and how it’s important for people that don’t game still have the ability to try these games after binging the whole season of The Last of Us or watching the Gran Turismo movie.

“If you want to play PC games with the same GPU [graphics processing unit] performance and so forth as the PS5, you have to spend money and time to build your own PC. While doing so can be rewarding, a dedicated console allows any player to enjoy games of the same technical level right out of the box.”

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know below!

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