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Sloclap Puts Out Sifu’s Final Update

Sloclap’s debut kung-fu fighter, Sifu, had quite the post-launch support, and now, a little over a year later, the studio’s moving on to newer, greener pastures. Much of the team working on the free updates has been transferred to other projects.

It’s fair to say this might disappoint some who wanted more than about 18 months of support, but what they did with this final update is surely a suitable swansong for the memorable fighter. This update includes six new arenas, 75 new challenges to complete within them, new modifiers and cheats, and a Custom Arena mode to let you create your own challenge. 

Per Digital Trends, these updates were to fully flesh the game out as Sloclap had features it had to sideline to get Sifu out the door on time. All in all, the studio believes it’s added 15 hours of additional content.

What do you think? Is this a fitting conclusion to Sifu’s support? Let us know below!

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