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Play Some Rogue-like Puzzle Platforming in Subaeria

After a long road, developers iLLOGIKA announced yesterday the release of their new game Subaeria. And not only that but it’s actually available now. Even though the game has been in the works for quite some time it looks to be in good hands. iLLOGIKA has had their hands in a lot of projects including Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, and even Cuphead.

Subaeria looks promising as a puzzle platformer where you don’t attack anything directly. Instead you use the environment and other enemies to fight. Check out the trailer below.

You play as Styx, a girl who lives in an underwater world called Subaeria. Her companion is a drone that can be used to interact with the environment and other robots. The environments are procedurally generated and the puzzle aspect gets tougher as you play. You also unlock abilities to make it further into the game.

  • Pit your enemies against one another and the environment to defeat them.
  • Use skills equipped to your drone to influence your robot enemies and Styx.
  • Every room is a puzzle to be solved with the skills you have on hand.
  • Multiple playable characters: Play as 4 characters with unique backgrounds and abilities
  • Unlock different skills, buffs and skins at each play through.
  • Explore a new labyrinth at every play session.

This looks like an interesting mishmash of genres to say the least. On top of the announcement for the release of Subaeria they also mentioned that for the first week (that’s now until May 16th) the game will be on sale. You might want to pick it up soon if you’re interested.

Keep an eye out for a review of the game from PSXE here soon.

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