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Rise Of Ronin Not Releasing In South Korea

Team Ninja’s Rise of Ronin might not be heading to South Korea due to a comment made by its game director.

Korean outlet Daum reports (via Genki on Twitter) that game director Fumihiko Yasuda sparked controversy when he likened Yoshida Shoin, a controversial Japanese scholar, to Socrates. To be clear, this game doesn’t appear to be banned, as it did pass the rating board, it just isn’t for sale on the Korean PlayStation Store.

We’re sure this is just a precaution from Sony, which will release the game later after the Japanese dev’s comment blows over. Since Sony hasn’t officially explained the change, though, we’ll have to take it all with a grain of salt.

What do you think? Is this a measured response? Are you excited about Rise of Ronin? Let us know below!

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