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PSVR 2 Off To Rocky Start

It sounds like the PSVR 2 isn’t selling as well as some predicted. The PS5 accessory has allegedly sold less than 300,000 units in its first month, which is a far cry from what we expect Sony had in mind.

According to Bloomberg (via Kotaku), research firm IDC suspected the peripheral would sell only 270,000 units on March 29. While the exact number Sony expected isn’t public, with Sony denying initial reports that they aimed for two million units, we’re sure this is still a ways off from whatever they were aiming for.

With the PSVR 2’s unfriendly price, coupled with the need for the PS5 and whatever game you’d be looking at, it’s no surprise that sales are low, even if VR pioneers championed it. Supposedly, the only way Sony could possibly avoid this being a huge failure is to slash the price of the peripheral. While it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, it won’t likely be any time soon.


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