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PS5 Game Streaming Beta Kicks Off

More has come of PlayStation revealing that it was in the “early stages” of PS5 game streaming via the cloud back in June. Now, some PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers are reporting that they’re receiving an invite to participate in a game streaming beta on their PS5.

PlayStation seems to want to one-up Xbox, as this streaming beta offers a multitude of resolutions, including 4K, which Xbox Game Pass unfortunately lacks. ResetEra users report that a number of different games work with this firmware beta test including God of War Ragnarok, Returnal, Horizon Forbidden West, Fall Guys, Death Stranding, and more. Meanwhile, two game trials also seem to work — Resident Evil Village and Demon Slayer.

It isn’t clear just how in beta this is, we could see a fast development if this proves successful, and it does want to bring in cloud streaming in the future, but we wouldn’t hold our breath for this to be anything short of a PlayStation Plus Premium feature — this is Sony we’re talking about.

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