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10 Best Announcements From Gamescom 2017

In case you missed it, the big event in the gaming world this week was Gamescom. Gamescom is basically the European equivalant of E3. It takes place in Germany and is usually full of exciting announcements for upcoming games.

It’s actually bigger in size and some would argue, better, then E3 and is very oriented around the consumer. Which to be fair, E3 is becoming that way as well. Either way there is usually a good slew of game news and trailers for gamers around the world. Here are 10 of the best announcements from Gamescom 2017.

Shenmue III

After a predictably successful kickstarter campaign, the developers set out to make the long awaited Shenmue III. They were very quiet however and people were starting to wonder. But fear not, solid information has been released in the form of a trailer.