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Kingdom Hearts 3 is Coming Out Soon and Includes Toy Story

This weekend Disney had their own convention called D23. Along with a bunch of announcements for rides and new movie trailers, they also showed a new announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 which shows off some Toy Story gameplay as well as a release date.

One of the new areas in the long awaited game is Toy Story. Which I think will make a great addition to all the worlds Kingdom Hearts has brought us to. It’s been a long time waiting for this game. Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2005. While we have had a few spin offs through the years, it’s been almost 12 years since we had a core Kingdom Hearts game. But it’s finally coming and not too far off either. 2018 in fact.

The new trailer introduces us to the world of Toy Story. The characters look really good. I also noticed a few things in the trailer that have me pretty excited. Check it out if you haven’t already.

The combat is big and flashy. One thing I enjoyed about Kingdom Hearts 2 was the combat. It was fast and felt great. This new one looks to build upon that. The battles are big and the combat is very flashy. And frankly, it looks like a blast.

It also looks like you’ll be getting a lot of different kinds of abilities. Just in this trailer the keyblade is changing shape to a hammer or guns. And then later you see Sora jumping into a mech and using that to battle the heartless. Some of this stuff might be later in the game but, either way, from the footage I’ve seen it looks like the gameplay is going to be great.

Another thing I noticed (and I may have missed this in the other trailers) is that it looks like the extra characters that join you in each world just join your group instead of swapping out Donald or Goofy. You can see Hercules included in the group at one point and later both Buzz and Woody are in the group. If that’s the case, that’s a huge plus in my book. That was one thing I didn’t like doing in the past games was losing one of my characters so I could have one of the new ones temporarily.

All in all I think Toy Story will be a good addition to the franchise. Along with the confirmation of Tangled and Big Hero 6, it looks like KH3 is going to have a lot of cool places to visit when it comes out in 2018.

What do you think of the new trailer? Are you more excited for the game now or are you tired of waiting and just want to play the game already? What other worlds should Sora and company visit?

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