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Play the Unique Experience That is Soft Body May 17th

Soft Body is an interesting combination of games. It’s part twin stick shooter, part puzzle, part bullet hell (or bullet heaven in this case), part aesthetically pleasing. It’s a mishmash that creates a unique experience.

You control two snakes (one on the left stick, one on the right) and “paint” the world around you. All while dodging various obstacles and bullets. As you paint the world with your snakes it changes and expands. The puzzle elements are where you have to figure out how to paint everything without getting hit. It all sounds like quite the brain workout. Especially on further, more complex, levels.

On the official website Zeke Virant describes the gameplay as “Although the action is quite tense, the mood and aesthetic is contemplative and calm.” So it seems like we’ll be getting an interesting mix of action and complex with relaxing and calm. I’m interested to see how that works.

As you can see from the screenshots and videos, the graphics are pleasing on the eyes. The action also coincides with some well-done music and sound effects. Which have a lot to do with the whole relaxing concept.