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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Would’ve Been “Painful” On Current Systems

After revealing the anticipated sequel way back in 2008, it has since disappeared.

We've received infrequent and vague progress reports on Beyond Good & Evil 2 , and Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has been quoted as saying that it's still in development, but things are going "slowly."

Recently, we've learned the project has shifted to the new generation of consoles. Franchise creator Michel Ancel addressed this transition in a new Gamereactor interview :

"I think [on current platforms] Beyond Good & Evil 2 was possible, but it'd be painful. It's always possible to do anything on any kind of console, but sometimes you need to spend your energy not on the optimisations or things like that.

Now that we have the [new] consoles around the corner, we're working on them. We're trying to see how we can get the power out of those consoles, because there are still things we need to understand on those consoles, but yes, Beyond Good & Evil is a project I always have in mind, and I hope good things will come for this project very soon."

Maybe that's what Ancel has been waiting on for years; maybe he realized his initial vision just couldn't be fully realized with the current systems. Still, we've been waiting for nearly a decade (the original released in 2003) and the fans are starting to grow impatient… If you missed out on this gem in the PS2 era, you should definitely check out the new HD iteration on the PSN. It has withstood the test of time quite well.

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10 years ago

Sounds like he took a line from Tetsuya Nomura

10 years ago

I never believe this line, if a more powerful generation of console make an old game hard to continue then an even more powerful one would make it even harder to make.

I think there is just a limited budget for work on the title and that makes progress slow, then there isn't enough to show the board members in order to get funding to go into full development. It's a colorful adventure game with a female protagonist, the opposite of what everyone wants to make, so of course it's having a hard time getting through the suits.

mk ultra
mk ultra
10 years ago


10 years ago

well, now that rayman is done, the team can finally put the pieces together to see this release!
dunno what i want more though, BG&E2 or a return to the 3D raymans.
origins and legends are really good games, but they really get boring really quickly.
id be nice to see them return to their 3D roots now and try to recapture the magic of those as they have with the 2D titles.

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