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Capcom is Looking into Adding Arcade Mode to Street Fighter V

A Street Fighter game without an Arcade Mode?  It feels kinda weird, right?

Street Fighter V has been launched a week ago on PS4 and PC.  If you’ve been following Street Fighter V at all, you’ll have undoubtedly seen reviews lament its lack of content everywhere and Ben also stated in his review that the lack of content is one of the problems of the game.

Speaking of lack of content, one of the biggest absences of the game is a fighting game staple: the trusty Arcade Mode.  As it is, there is currently no way to go up against AI in a standard best-of-three match format. You either fight forever and ever in practice mode, or you do single rounds in the story or survival modes.

According to Forbes , Capcom has been listening to this criticism and is now ‘looking into’ an arcade mode: “The team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we’ll have more information to share soon,” a Capcom representative told Forbes via email.  No further details about the Arcade Mode were divulged.  According to the same representative, Capcom is also planning to introduce difficulty sliders into the existing Character Stories mode.

Arcade modes are a bare-minimum feature for fighting games.   Whenever I play fighting games, I usually play only the Arcade Mode on it.  Sometimes I play the VS modes if I have a friend with me on whom I can play with. Most of the time I don't touch the online mode of it.  I think Capcom should have inserted the Arcade Mode in Street Fighter V in the first place before they released it. And if they do insert the Arcade Mode on the game, it should be free for all consumers who bought the game.  How about you guys who bought the game, are you satisfied that there's no Arcade Mode on it?