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Ancel Still Claims A Beyond Good & Evil Sequel Is Coming

Yes, it's still happening.

So says director Michel Ancel, anyway. Ever since Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced way back in 2008, fans of the original have been waiting not-so-patiently for more news.

And as each year rolls by, Ancel claims the project is still in the works. Of course, as we're going on close to 8 years here, that promise starts to wear a little thin… But in a recent episode of Devs Play (a series hosted by renowned designer Tim Schafer; see it below), the classic BG&E was up for sampling and toward the end of the episode, Schafer asked Ancel if he was in the headspace of the game because he was making a sequel. The reply:

"Yeah, but it's difficult because it's hard for me to do the same kind of game two times. I always want to do something different."

Well, okay. What does that mean, exactly? It's a confirmation that the sequel is still in development, apparently, but doesn't it also imply that fans can expect something very different when it finally arrives? And when are we going to hear and see more? Previously, Ancel said BG&E2 had gotten "too big for this console period" and at the time, he was referring to the PS3/Xbox 360 era.

If you never had the pleasure of the original, you should definitely try Beyond Good & Evil HD ; this adventure has held up pretty well over time.

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8 years ago

Vaperware till I actually see it.

And if it is truly being made ATM, I hope Ancel doesn't deviate from his original game too much.

8 years ago

BTW, that teaser trailer above was from way, way, back when, on May 28, 2008.

And this 2nd trailer linked below was from May 6, 2012…..

So how many more damned years do we have to suffer without for????????

8 years ago

Damn, this game was good. I loved it.
Hopefully the 2 will happen someday…

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