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Rockstar Focusing On New Consoles For Future GTAV Updates

If you've been playing Grand Theft Auto V on either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, you might be out of luck in the future.

Well, as it pertains to major updates. Developer Rockstar North is not only focusing on GTAV's multiplayer mode, GTA Online, but they're also opting to leverage the power of the newer consoles for later updates.

The team revealed the next big update for GTAO: Freemode Events, which adds a bunch of new content including the Rockstar Editor. But the new Events and the Editor will only be available on PS4 and Xbox One, and this is going to be an ongoing trend. As designer director Imran Sarwar told IGN :

"The primary technical reason is the memory capacity for the older systems. We are constantly adding new items to the game with each update and we began approaching the memory limits after the first year of GTA Online content."

Rockstar has now reached a point where they "can't make any more meaningful updates without putting the stability of the entire online game at risk," but that's mostly due to the limitations of the older machines. Sarwar added:

"We are now focused on the opportunities provided by the more powerful PS4, Xbox One, and PC–and we've got some really fun ideas on how to make the most of these more powerful machines."

Gotta keep up with the times, my gaming friends.

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