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Console Versions Of Diablo III Might Get The Season Feature

Diablo III on consoles is an excellent experience.

But those who don't play the game on PC still miss out on the Seasons feature, and some fans have wondered why.

Well, the developers have said in the past that consoles and PCs are set up differently in regards to leaderboards and online communities, and consoles generally favor more couch co-op play. That being said, it looks like Blizzard is rethinking the idea of keeping Seasons exclusive to PC.

During a recent IGN interview , Blizzard senior game producer Rob Foote offered the following as an update:

"Sometimes Seasons aren’t really about the leaderboard, but having a fresh start, experiencing the game again and feeling like you’re part of a larger community than yourself where the excitement around Diablo is there. So I think maybe that’s something we need to re-evaluate again. We’ll probably go back and revisit that decision."

The Seasons let players interact with other Seasonal characters and during the duration of that Season, they can pick up exclusive drops and achievements. Once it's over, the characters are rolled into the player's roster of non-Seasonal characters. It has worked out quite well on PC and there shouldn't be any reason we can't have it on consoles, too.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition remains one of the most addictive and entertaining experiences on PS4.

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