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Tanya Enters MKX Fray In “Early June”

Mortal Kombat X already has a ton of great characters.

But we can always use more. And now, series creator Ed Boon has confirmed the arrival of yet another fighter: Tanya.

We knew she was coming before, because developer NetherRealm released some footage of her finishing moves. Now, Boon has given us an estimated release on Twitter :

The game features tons of variety and with every new character that shows up, the variety gets even better. Of course, you still have to take the time to experiment and ultimately master any new character…but that's part of the fun, right?

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8 years ago

This product is komplete. However, numerous patches and DLC kharacters will kontinue to be released after launch.
Even though DLC kharacters are released after launch, they will still be konsidered part of product for use in official tournaments and promos.
DLC may have a kost attached but should not be konsidered integral to the intended Mortal Kombat experience (because that would mean that the product is not kompletely knomplete).
Buy only if:-
1. You are a professional gamer.
2. You have extra money lying around.
3. You are a rabid fan and need to have everything MK related.
4. You want to truly experience MK in its entirety.

After all planned DLC is released, a komplete edition will be released with all patches and DLC kharacters at a fraction of the kost of the intial game. We thank you for your kontinued patronage and hope that by the time we release it, there are still kompetitors online to challenge.

8 years ago

Now these is another example of just greed. Tanya was playable character right from the start in MK4.

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