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Mortal Kombat X’s 1.8GB Day One Patch Enhances Difficulty?

These day one patches are getting awfully huge.

A Reddit user going by the name "Abudiix" has apparently gotten his hands on a copy of Mortal Kombat X , and says the game's first update is a whopping 1.8GB .

The patch is supposed to enhance online stability and multiplayer options and yes, it's mandatory if you wish to do battle online. But far more interesting is the fact that this patch seems to make the game's challenges more difficult. It reduces in-game currency by a lot, for instance:

"…you get way less money for story mode and normal fights. my friend used to get 2.500 coins on a boss fight now he gets 200 on the same boss fight after the update."

On the flip side, the update evidently increases the size of The Krypt, which is where you can spend your hard-earned coin.

Perhaps the team found that players would be unlocking things far too quickly…? Or maybe they just want you to play longer. Well, if you're a fan, you'll probably be playing plenty when Mortal Kombat X launches on April 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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8 years ago

Same as Bloodborne huge patch on day one , what's next? The Witcher 3 gonna do this to me too? ;9

Last edited by Oxvial on 4/9/2015 8:16:01 PM

8 years ago

I don't care what size it is…IT HAS BEGUN!

8 years ago

Sooooo pretty much play offline for the first day earn a bunch of cash THEN update it?

8 years ago

i think thats kinda rediculous even if it means we don't have to wait thats a pritty huge Day1Patch and we shouldn't need them but i guess thats what its like in this day and age

happy gaming

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