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Bloodborne Beaten Without Leveling Up, As Weakest Class

Think Bloodborne is hard? Try beating it without leveling up.

One dedicated – and apparently masochistic – gamer has beaten From Software's uber-challenging title without leveling up or using guns. Hell, he even opted to play as the game's weakest class.

BOYvsVIDEOGAME has tossed up a series of videos recording his 10-day run through the evil-invested city of Yharnam. He chooses the "Waste of Skin" class, which holds the description: "You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn't have been born." As you might expect, this dude's stats kinda suck, so that makes this particular run all the more impressive.

On top of which, BOYvsVIDEOGAME never uses any visceral attacks, which are almost essential for some of the game's toughest foes. Obviously, he dies quite a bit but he eventually conquers the adventure; here's the first of over a dozen vids chronicling the feat. It's pretty nuts.