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Bloodborne Patch Fixes Bugs, Exploits

Game-breaking bugs can really ruin your day.

But thankfully, Bloodborne players no longer have to worry about one such glitch.

A new patch for the critically acclaimed action/RPG has arrived and developer From Software says version 1.02 repairs a potentially serious bug. This problem would happen if a player went online as a cooperative guest or hostile invader by using either of the Resonant Bell items in the Forbidden Woods. Afterward, that player wouldn't be able to get the Lunariam Key, which means he or she wouldn't be able to face down the next area's boss. They also wouldn't have access to Master Willem or the Moonside Lake.

The patch also fixes an item duplication exploit and a few other annoying bugs. Yep, one of the best games of the new generation just got better…apologies to all those who wanted to cheat with that item duplication exploit.

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9 years ago

That's too bad about the item duplication fix.

There was an item duplication glitch in the original Dragon Age Origins as well, and that made the game awesome. Cuz there's no way I could have afforded the special Dwarven armour and whatnot without the exploit!

9 years ago

oh yeah those are pretty cool but i guess fixes are still important for the overall game though

happy gaming

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