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Bloodborne Footage Shows Loading Time Of 40 Secs After Death

Well, 40 seconds is pretty long, no matter what game or generation.

It seems some gameplay footage of the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne , recently leaked on YouTube and spotted by PushSquare , shows a player reloading the game after dying.

The load by TOMBOY25 takes about 40 seconds, which is actually about one-quarter of the uploaded video. There could be a day-one patch in the works that helps to speed things up but we can't be sure of that. If you sit and watch a clock count to 40 secs, you have to admit that it seems like an awfully long time. And considering how many times you're bound to die in this game…

Actually, none of that bothers me too much. What bothers me more is how the player died. It seems like he had no chance at all; some massive wild pig comes out of nowhere and mows him down. You never even see him until you're dead. You can call that part of the challenge if you like, but I have a different perspective.