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More MKX News: Predator Joins Roster, “Quitality” Revealed

The news keeps coming for Mortal Kombat X .

First off, another character has been confirmed: It's The Predator, the villain from the cult classic films. We don't have any screenshots or details just yet but we assume those are coming soon.

The Predator joins recently unveiled horror icon Jason Voorhees ("Friday the 13th" series) on the MKX roster, which continues to expand. As for the second piece of news, developer NetherRealm revealed the "Quitality" in a recent gameplay demonstration on Twitch (see it below). Those who choose to leave an online match before it's complete will suffer a Quitality; basically, their heads explode and the opponent automatically wins.

One of the developers, Derek Kirtzic, says this new feature is more about rewarding those who forced another player to quit, and less about punishing the quitter. Either way, I'm willing to bet there are some FPS out there who would like to see "Quitalities" in their online matches.