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New Trailer Explains Bloodborne’s Tough Chalice Dungeons

If you want to test your skills, you'll have to tackle the Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne .

The optional areas were announced in December and now, Sony has released a new gameplay video that offers more detail and explanation.

The Chalice Dungeons are set in the ancient underground ruins below the main city, named Yharnam. Players will have to find and use holy chalices to enter these dungeons, which are procedurally generated, so they'll be different every time you attempt them. There are a ton of traps and dangerous enemies down there, so be careful. If things prove too crazy, you can try to conquer the Chalice Dungeons with a few friends.

Developer From Software says these optional areas "add a ton of additional content and replay value to the depth and richness of the full game itself," so they're certainly a big part of the experience. And besides, you crave a challenge, don't you?

Bloodborne will launch on March 24 in North America exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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9 years ago

Sounds like a sweet addition. Co Op with procedural maps in a souls like game is a dream come true for me.

It will extend the replay value immensely. I'm looking forward to this game a lot!

9 years ago

oh man that looks good and the Co Op with procedural maps is really cool i am really looking forward to this game amoung others coming this year and the look of the souls games style with a bit of monster hunter in there too is the makings of an awsome game

happy gaming

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