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Beyond Good & Evil 2: “Still Far Too Early For New Details”

Ah yes, the obligatory "it's still coming but not for a while" explanation.

A sequel to the well-received Beyond Good & Evil was announced back in 2008. Now, six years later, we have yet to see any fresh details.

Throughout those six years, we'd stumble across rumors that the project had been canceled but each time, developer Ubisoft Montpelier and creative boss Michel Ancel step up to counter the accusation. This time, a Ubisoft representative tells Polygon that in fact, the game still exists, despite those ongoing rumors:

"In many ways, [Beyond Good & Evil] is an inimitable game–it appeals to all generations of gamers and is an inspiration behind many of Ubisoft Montpellier's past and future games. It's still far too early to give many details about this new title."

The rep added that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will land on next-gen platforms at some point. It's a very ambitious project and the team is attempting to deliver a "truly surprising, innovative, and exceptional game." Well, that's nice but if it's still "far too early" to divulge any details – after six years – we say something is off. Yeah, maybe you just recently started making it for the new platforms, but even so…

At this rate, we're looking at, what…an 8-year gap between the time of announcement and the arrival of the final product? Sorry, but that's just silly.

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9 years ago

well in their defence kingdom hearts did the same thing more or less so whatever i'd say we've get it eventually.

happy gaming

9 years ago

I say it stuck in vaporware

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