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GTA Online Updates Include New Modes and Vehicles

Despite all the hype and anticipation over their long awaited follow up to Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar is still busy supporting the ever popular GTA Online. Updates to the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series include a new race mode known as Target Assault, which pits 2 man teams against one another in weaponized vehicles in a battle for the checkered flag, with one man behind the wheel and the other behind a mounted machine gun. The more targets you destroy, the more points you score. You can check out the full trailer here

Bundled with this new mode are seven new tracks, and the all new Vapid Caracara (pictured above), which can be purchased at Warstock Cache & Carry. Some older models and upgrades are also getting steep discounts starting today:


If road rage isn’t your cup of tea, Rockstar is also offering sale prices on your aerial options, with the Mammoth Avenger discounted by 30% through April 9th, in case you don’t yet have your own flying base of operations. These updates go live today, so you can check them out the next time you boot up your PS4 for some online carnage. Are you still playing GTA Online? Let us know in the comments!


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