SCEE has revealed some information on the downloadable packages for Wipeout
Pure – exclusive to PAL territories. Owners of the racing combat game will be
able to double the size of the game in the weeks and months after its release on
September 1, 2005, according to Sony.

The first downloadable package to become available will be the Gamma pack
(September 1), filled with new tracks to race, such as the Exostra Run and
Sebenco Peak. New skins for the ships are included, in the free download such as
Tigron & Van Uber.

The second package available is Delta (September 16) which is being release in
association with Puma, the sports brand. This collaboration will include special
turbo Puma racecraft as well as designer Puma skins and branded racetracks.

Next to download are the Classic Packs 1&2 (October 3 and 16) which will feature
some of the original music, skins and ships including:

Altima VII and Odessa Keys
Assegai & Harimau Skins
Goteki 45 Ship
Porto Kora & Vohl Square
Triakis & AG Systems Skins
Icaras Ship

Omega finishes off the free download schedule and is excusive to PAL territories
and not available in the US or Japan. More designer skins, ships and tracks will
complete the downloads.

It's a heck of a package, and yes, we're jealous of Europe's special downloads,
but we did get the system 6 months ago, so we'll call it even.

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