PlayStation Plus Essential

As the month draws to a close, a few things can be certain to happen, someone will still write the wrong date on a piece of paperwork and the next line of PlayStation Plus Essential games will be leaked ahead of the announcement.

As always, billbil-kun leaks the games, though this time they took to Twitter rather than their usual Dealabs go-to. Nevertheless, the leaker remains the same reliable resource. As it stands, February’s offering is a bit of an odd lineup with one being DLC and the other being susceptible to changes based on region.

The rumor goes that PS5 and PS4 users can swipe up the 2D skateboarding platformer, OlliOlli World, Evil Dead The Game, Destiny 2 DLC, Beyond Light, and Mafia Definitive Edition. It’s worth noting that the last of the list may be replaced with another game in different regions.

If it’s all true, players will be able to swipe up the next set of games on February 7.

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