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Hellboy Web Of Wyrd: Is It Time To Get Excited?

It’s crazy to think that the last fully-fledged Hellboy game was released way back in 2008. The game — Hellboy: Science of Evil released on PS3 and PSP and was based on the 2004 Del Toro film, which didn’t release to the most favorable of receptions. Since then, his video game appearances have been limited, only cropping up in brief cameo spots for fighting games like Injustice 2 and Brawlhalla. Well, that’s all about to change, with UK developer Upstream Arcade’s new game Hellboy: Web of Wyrd, dropping on October 18, 2023 — tomorrow. Leaving us with the cautious question — is it safe for us to be excited about the half-demon’s video game return?

From the get-go Upstream Arcade has done everything it can to capture the true feel of Hellboy, including casting the late Lance Reddick to provide the voice for the titular hero. Featuring a graphic novel art style that gives this cel-shaded game the authentic look of playing through a comic book in motion. All while evoking the feel of Mike Mignola’s stellar novels. Not only the art style but the story has been made in tandem with Dark Horse Comics and Hellboy/BRPD creator, Mignola, to deliver a brand-new Hellboy story that’s sure to capture the bizarre and wonderful of his world.

Spread The Wyrd

Set in 1980s Argentina, Web of Wyrd will cast us in the role of Hellboy as he enters the mysterious Butterfly House, a mansion that acts as a portal to other dimensions, in order to save a missing BRPD agent. Thus thrusting us into this stellar-looking rougelike, complete with a whole hoard of nightmarish monsters and locations to fight our way through.

The rougelike brawler aims to bring us close to the action with an over-the-shoulder camera similar to Santa Monica’s 2018 God of War. The gameplay will see us use a mix of melee and range weapons to pummel our way through the arenas, and that’s not even touching on the excellent-looking finishers we’ll be able to execute on our defeated foes. It’ll take more than just button mashing to succeed as Upstream looks to have taken a more methodical approach to their combat, with a mastery of blocking and dodging as much a critical element as landing any bullet or bulldozing right hook.

With a solid gameplay loop, killer graphic style, and an intertwining story that promises to capture the twisted magic of Hellboy’s supernatural tales, Web of Wyrd is looking to be the sleeper hit of October.

How excited are you for the upcoming game? Or do you think any other characters deserve another run in the video game realm?

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