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Netflix Aims To Rival PlayStation Apparently

Excluding Nintendo, PlayStation is unwaveringly the industry leader, but it seems Netflix wants to shake things up. Currently, subscribers to the service can download little mobile titles, but its library is set to grow.

WSJ (thanks Push Square) reports that the service’s gaming catalog is going to grow stronger moving forward. It’s even in talks with Take-Two Interactive to secure its hands on the Grand Theft Auto series. We don’t know exactly what these talks mean, whether it’s looking at getting a legacy or new entry onto its platform, but regardless, if it’s able to snag up permission from the developer, it’s a huge win for it.

Of course, it can never truly compete with PlayStation as it’s not a traditional console, but Netflix is working with streaming technology. Right now, though, with its input methods being strictly mobile devices, it could be a hard sell to convert console players. Especially, if all the service offers are mobile games and no exclusives.

What do you think? Would you use Netflix’s gaming service more? Let us know below!

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