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Naughty Dog Enlists Fortnite Vet As Principal Monetization Designer

More fuel is being thrown onto the rumor fire that the upcoming multiplayer project is going free-to-play. Unveiled by Naughty Dog during the Summer Game Fest, this multiplayer game is going to be a part of The Last of Us universe.

According to Anders Howard (via Insider Gaming), he’s now joined the developer as its principal monetization designer. Prior to Naughty Dog, he previously worked for Epic Games for the last seven years before heading to Ubisoft Stockholm for a brief 10 month period.

His contributions to Fortnite during his time appear to have been invaluable to the game’s progression system. According to his LinkedIn, he helped “form the core of Battle Pass progression strategy, delivering overwhelming value for that product to as many players as possible.”

No new details have been revealed yet, but from its debut, it appears that the game will launch sometime next year. Thanks to Naughty Dog hiring Howard, we can also make the assumption that this multiplayer game will feature a Battle Pass system and most likely Seasons, much like any other free-to-play multiplayer title.

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