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Metroidvania Cookie Cutter Seeks Revenge Next Week

Developer Subcult Joint is launching its Metroidvania bloodbath, Cookie Cutter, next week, to current-gen consoles. Fair warning, this one’s not for the faint of heart.

Despite its sweet-sounding name, it’s is anything but. After 200 years of the Megastructure’s existence, the planet is decaying, and after being left for dead, the android — in-universe called Denzels — named Cherry seeks revenge on the man who has kidnapped her creator and isn’t below slashing some poor goons if they stand in her way.

This hand-drawn over-the-top, violent 2D platformer is unabashedly gruesome and — at some points — risque. Slash your way through 10 stages of revenge-fueled combat as its Japanese manga, and Quentin Tarantino inspirations,  seeps through. Cookie Cutter releases on December 14.

What do you think? Are you planning on picking up this unapologetic bloodbath? Let us know below!

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