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Night at the Gates of Hell

Low-Poly Horror Night At The Gates Of Hell Heads To PS4, PS5 This September

Jordan King’s Night at the Gates of Hell is heading to consoles this September. The game is published under notable indie horror studio Puppet Combo’s publishing arm, Torture Star Video.

The game follows David, a recently widowed stoic man, who must defend himself from a sudden zombie outbreak and put a stop to it the only way he knows how — by blasting through hordes of rotting zombies. 

This won’t be the first time one of Jordan King’s games made it onto PlayStation. Bloodwash, his horror narrative about going to a laundromat hit consoles late last year. 

Puppet Combo is a pretty notable name in the indie horror scene, creating some beloved low-poly survival horrors like Nun Massacre, Feed Me Billy, and Murder House. As of 2021, the indie dev kicked off Torture Star Video, acting as a publisher to low-poly horror experiences.

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