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Lies of P

Lies Of P Features Three Endings

Soulsborne-inspired Lies of P will feature three different endings, with director Choi Ji-won encouraging players play until the “very, very, very end.” That’s to say that it sounds like it is mixing in Soulsborne gameplay with consequence mechanics.

Ji-won was at Gamescom and sat down with DualShockers where some questions were raised. It seems Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio are focusing on giving players choices and a reason to play more than once. Considering this is based on the tale of Pinocchio, it should come as no surprise that lying will come into play with that system affecting the ending. It isn’t clear what he considers the “very, very, very end,” but we’d guess it has to do with the credits.

In case Lies of P fell under your radar, it’s a Pinocchio-inspired Soulsborne-like game featuring the player playing as the namesake inspiration, fighting off waves of Steampunk biomechanical enemies with a slew of weaponry options at your disposal.

We can find out exactly what Ji-won means when the game hits the public on September 19.

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