It Takes Two

Indie hit, It Takes Two, was the sole game outside of Nintendo properties in the Best Family category during The Game Awards this year. Naturally, Nintendo’s most prized demographic is the younger audience, so it should come as no shock when most of the games were their IPs.

In a surprising twist, though, Hazelight Studios’ It Takes Two managed to squeak a victory against the massive Japanese gaming giant as this year’s Best Family game. 

Hazelight’s action-adventure platformer takes us on the journey of Cody and May, a married couple en route for a divorce. After finding themselves trapped in dolls made by their heartbroken daughter, the two must work together and fix their relationship to reach their daughter and hopefully get their bodies back.

The game was spearheaded by Hazelight founder, Josef Fares, who is best known for A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This game is very similar in its execution. With its competition being all Nintendo IPs, it’s certainly shocking — but welcoming — to see a victory for anyone other than Nintendo in this category.

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