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Indie Horror The Mortuary Assistant Heads To PS This Year

DarkStone Digital’s paranormal indie horror, The Mortuary Assistant, is headed to PS5 sometime this year. This follows a 2023 release to the Nintendo Switch.

Publisher DreadXP Games has revealed on Twitter that it’s partnered up with Cerulean Games to take the burden of porting off DarkStone’s back. While it never said what consoles it was coming to, a response to a user noting its Switch port clarified that yes, it’s on Switch, but it’s coming to the “other consoles.” This does also indicate that’s it’s headed to Xbox, which we’re sure Xbox Nerds is excited about.

Unfortunately, DreadXP never gave us a timeline, but we’re sure it’ll go hand-in-hand with some larger event it will host later in the year.

What do you think? Have you already played The Mortuary Assistant? Let us know below!

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