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Immerse Yourself In Dave The Diver With New Trailer

Mintrocket’s smash-hit pixel art restaurant and deep sea exploration sim, Dave the Diver, is heading to PlayStation 5 next week, and it’s looking to celebrate. The developer wants the unaware to understand more of what to expect with the new port on the horizon.

A recently released trailer spotlighted the immersion that can be seen with the game’s use of adaptive triggers and DualSense’s haptic feedback. Obviously, there’s plenty of opps the team has taken when it comes to the PS5’s flagship features, such as the rumbling of a squirming fish or the push back of a harpoon.

Dave the Diver is certainly a spectacle, managing to balance its unique concept of ocean exploration and managing a sushi bar.

What do you think? Are you hyped to jump back into the wetsuit? Let us know below!

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