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God of War

God Of War TV Adaptation Reportedly In The Works

God of War (read our review), Sony’s flagship franchise, is heading to the small screen with The Expanse creators and executive producers helming a live-action adaptation for Prime Video. Very little is truly known about this project, it isn’t even clear if this will take place during the Norse timeline or not, but it is yet another example of a well-established IP getting the TV treatment.

This year saw the release of The Cuphead Show over on Netflix while fans also anticipate the launch of a Twisted Metal show over on Peacock and HBO’s The Last of Us live-action TV adaptation. This isn’t even the first Amazon-led production with the mega-company also working on a Fallout TV adaptation as well as one for Mass Effect.

It will probably be a while before any sort of confirmation — or denial — is revealed, but for what’s worth, a God of War show would seem kind of on-brand for Prime Video to seek.

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