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God of War

God of War Goodies to Get You Through Until Release

There’s no doubt about it, the hype train for Santa Montica’s latest epic is very real. God of War looks to give us a new Kratos and a new engaging storyline with this latest iteration. It’s a fresh direction for the series and I would have to say it’s for the better. Early reviews are already calling it a masterpiece (ours is coming soon).

If that wasn’t enough there are some goodies that you can get involved with to get you through the next seven days. Sony has a countdown at that gives you a chance to win some prizes and learn more about the game. It also includes a live stream on launch night with some of the creators of the game. Some of the prizes include an exclusive avatar and even a chance to win the God of War PS4 Pro Bundle. In case you forgot what that beauty looks like:

God of War PS4 Pro

Click here for more details for the countdown on the Playstation Blog and here is the direct link to the countdown itself.

On top of all that Playstation Blog had another post earlier today from Bear McCreary. He composed the soundtrack for God of War. Some of his other notable works include music from The Walking Dead, Agents of Shield, and several other tv shows  and movies. I would say the soundtrack is in good hands. Bear talks about the process and some of his favorite bits.

He also announced that the whole soundtrack is available on Spotify today which you can listen to above, or go here. So go get your listen on and keep an eye on the countdown. God of War is out next Friday, April 20th. I’m super excited, how about you?
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