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Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII Director Squashes Decades-Old Rumor

Game director Yasumi Matsuno has finally come forward to squash a rumor that’s been floating around for almost 20 years. This Final Fantasy XII (read our FFXII: The Zodiac Age review) rumor was, funnily enough, refuted in less than 10 words.

The rumor is pretty simple — Vaan wasn’t meant to be the protagonist of FFXII, and the once dark fantasy story was altered to fit a more general audience better. This rumor had lasting power largely because the character wasn’t well-loved compared to the rest of the cast when it first launched. It wasn’t until later that fans would start to soften up to him,

The rumor was finally put to rest after Matsuno decided to take some time to reply to a fan comment who asked whether Basch was meant to be the main protagonist, seemingly they expected no response as they call it a “shot in the dark.” We can only assume either he reached his boiling point when it comes to the rumor or he felt like being nice. and decided to put this Final Fantasy XII “fake story,” as he puts it, to rest.

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