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Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Is Only A Six Month Exclusive

More has come to light about the limited exclusivity that Final Fantasy 16 will have. Consoles are no stranger to temporary exclusivity, but typically they retain a year-long deal, but it seems Square Enix didn’t want to wait that long to have its next entry reach a bigger audience.

In a new trailer of upcoming PS5 games, in a bid to really promote the current-gen console, Final Fantasy 16 made a very brief appearance smushed between God of War Ragnarok and Hogwarts Legacy.

At the bottom of its clip, it made sure fans temper their expectation with how long the game will be exclusive to the PlayStation platform. It seems the game will remain exclusive to the PS platform for about six months. This means at the earliest, other platforms could have Final Fantasy 16 on it by December 2023.

It is worth noting that this doesn’t mean it will drop on a competing console, the last time Square Enix gave a timed exclusive to Sony, it was Final Fantasy VII Remake, which only ever found its way to PC after that exclusivity dried up.

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