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FIFA 21 Breaks Tradition By Not Releasing A Demo

Electronic Arts is breaking its years-long tradition as they opt to not launch a demo for FIFA 21 ahead of its release later this year. Going on for years, FIFA has always given fans a taste by launching a demo a few weeks or a month ahead of its actual launch. Usually, it’s just some skirmish matches, but you get a taste of the game and whether you want to purchase and play the full game for yourself.

As announced on Twitter, though, they’re making this choice to put a focus on the real game rather than the demo.

This reveal was just another blow to fans who were already waiting longer than usual to get their hands on the game, which usually launches in September, but has moved to an October release due to COVID-19.

FIFA 21 is hitting shelves on October 9, 2020 if you aren’t an EA Play member.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up FIFA this year or give it a pass? Tell us below!

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