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EA To Reveal New College Football Game

After years of waiting, EA Sports might be readying up to reveal a new sports game in the college football franchise. It’s usually pretty consistent with releasing new entries to its sports games, but it’s been a while since college football got any love.

A recent report from 247Sports points to new info coming soon. From what its source tells it, it will be a general update with the potential to show images. At this time, we aren’t sure if it will include any release date or a video. What we do know, though, is it won’t include the NCAA branding, which hasn’t had a new entry since 2013, and it will be your standard fare when it comes to EA Sports game — atmosphere, real player likenesses, and the like, while adding some flare with school-centered traditions.

Fan-favorite game modes are set to return, like Dynasty and Road to Glory. Ultimate Team will also be included with continued support post-launch. Also, yes, it will be built on the Madden engine, but that was more a given than something people would reasonably expect.

What do you think? Have you missed the college football franchise? Let us know below!

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